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I need some help removing text from my image

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Eh... Not easily.

I know PhotoShop has a tool that paints from a source sample, then resamples the new paint to blend better into its surroundings, but I haven't seen a tool like this in any other graphics app to date.

You can theoretically use the Eyedropper tool to sample the colors from the nearby area and paint into a new layer with that color. I've used this technique to color over a few things in the past, but it's not very easy to get looking just right. You'd have to resample the surrounding color at the very least every 20px or so to get it looking like it belongs. I'm afraid to say I don't see any easier way to do this.

If anyone else out there in PDN-Land has an idea, don't hesitate to chime in..



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You might also try using the Clone Stamp tool to copy in pixels from surrounding areas. Removal of text is guess-work for computers, so you have to help it out a lot.

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