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Now, I realize that this is a minor, minor fix up, and of little usefulness, but I think it would be great, and not too difficult. Anyways, I got to thinking. This is an image editing/creating community, correct? Many of the members of this forum skin anything from browsers to Paint.NET itself, so why should the appearance of the Paint.NET forum be left at the Internet Explorer defaults? My simple suggestion:


Fairly simple, looks smart and clean, and spiffs up the site with minimal effort. I do not use Firefox, regardless if I should, and I'm not sure what the look is there, but I would assume its some of the same stuff.

And as far as I could see, this was not on Rick's list of future updates for v4.0

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Rick doesn't have the ability to change the favicon (that's what it's called) for the Forumer domain. Take a look at http://www.getpaint.net/ ; you'll see what you're asking for.



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Gee, you should do something about that cough*. :P

I just looked it up on Forumer's forum, and it's just flat out impossible unless Rick got an IPB instead of phpBB :(

*I'm allergic to things I disagree with!

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