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Welcome the newbee and my question.

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Hello everyone. I'm a newbee to Paint.net and have a question that has probably been asked a thousand times so please be patiant with me. I want to know how to put someones face on anothers body, mainly my sister as a joke. I want to graft it to a disgusting gross fat body of a person, "no porn images :twisted: " I know what she looks like naked and it's not apealing to me, "keep it out of the family" this is my first time trying something like this so make it simple to follow instructions, thakns. :o

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Welcome! I'm telling you this so this post doesn't get locked: You should read the rules, especially #6. It says your post title is too vague. If you don't change it, a mod will probably lock it.

As for your question, you should go to http://searchpaint.net and look for "cutting out images the easy way".

Hope this helps! And read the rules! :-D


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