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Blur Rate

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NOTE: This post is based on how I think this whole thing works, and it is more than possible that I am way off but whatever, it should hold some relavence either way.

I was wondering what the blur rate was for most common blurs (gaussian, feather, etc.).

My example assumes you're blending a solid area with a transparent area. However, it would obviously be the same for, say, blue blending into red. I just didn't feel like going through all the different R G and B stuff... cause I really dunno what I'm talking about. o.O


An = Current Pixel Alpha

An-1 = Previous Pixel Alpha

x = Blur rate depending on distance, and stuff...

Is it simply:

An = An-1 - x

Or does it work on a slightly more complicated formula?

Basically, I'm wondering if it is linear or exponential. If it is only linear, could it be done exponentially? And would that have any realistic use?

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