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APNG file format Request\help

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From the FAQs

Can I make animated GIF's with Paint.NET?

No, sorry. Paint.NET is not an animation program.

As far as I know, Rick has no plans to add even animated GIF functionality. Paint.NET does have an extensible file type architecture which allows programmers to support new file types, and I know that animated GIF has been tossed around a lot, but no one has publicly announced their intent to create it.

So, I doubt APNG will come along any time soon. Not to mention that only a handful of programs support APNG right now. It is, however, possible that some knowledgeable and good natured soul will make one in the future.

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well I was experimenting with Mozilla's APNG make and love it compared to the old gif I think an APNG is better than the MNG. The reason i am wondering is because I know C++ still a newbie with it but was wondering if any knew any thing about the APNG format because I was thinking about trying to make an APNG editor and was then going to try and integrate it into paint .NET.

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At the moment, the only software that supports APNG is Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta. Only time will show if other browsers will get support for it. For example, JPEG 2000 didn't replaced JPEG, and there are no signs that HD Photo will.

PDN is as said no animation program. But everybody is allowed to build a plugin for AGIF, APNG, MNG, SWF or whatever. At the moment people are maybe not that much interested in a format with very unknown future.

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