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Paint.net and Super Text Styles

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Changing.... what exactly?

You mean making text filters, preset swatches, an advanced text control panel with adjustments for kerning, leading, line height, spacing, et cetera?

Please, you must elaborate further. Rick can't read minds, you know. Microsoft is still working on that one... <_<

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Well not really. If you use the Text Tool on a new layer then you can apply all the effects you want until your Heart's content, it's when it comes to editing the letters of the text when it becomes more of a chore especially when a boat-load of effects have been applied. A new layer goes a long way in reducing such a heartache.

These types of features are being planned, and more specifically planned for v4.0 where specialised text layers, masking layers etc. will be implemented. You'll just have to work around these bumps in the road for now.

The Popular Feature Requests[/url]":ee1d0]Ability to re-edit text, or "text layers", or some variation thereof -- This an enormous work item due to other plumbing that must be in place to enable it. This falls into the "yes I agree, and hopefully we'll have it someday." No ETA.

The Paint.NET Roadmap[/url]":ee1d0]Over the lifetime of the 4.xx releases, these core design and architecture changes should enable such features as layer masks, adjustment layers, effect layers, composite layers, effect and adjustment chaining, soft selections, scripting and recorded actions, a completely new brush system, much more efficient memory usage, and better use of multiprocessor systems.

EDIT: removed an unnecessary comma.

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