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Rounding off the corners of a rectangle?

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this is what i did, but i changed my mind on how to do it

make a new layer, draw a curved line on the corner, select the corner on the new layer with the magic wand, delete on original layer, feather , and get rid of the second layer


now see, if you wanted to round of all corners, that would of been easier

new layer, draw rounded rectangle around edges select w/ magic wand, delete


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EDIT: *Sorry, just re-read the original post and you do not want all the corners rounded, the description below will round all the corners*

The way I usually do something like this...

1. Open the image in PDN

2. Duplicate the layer [CTRL]+[sHIFT]+[D]

3. Set your secondary colour to transparent

4. Image > Canvas Size: By Percentage to 125% (make sure anchor is set to Middle)

5. On the top layer - Effects > Blur > Median Blur. Leave the Percentile at 50 and adjust the Radius to between 10 - 30 (depending on the curve you want).

6. Magic Wand the transparent area on the top layer, switch to the bottom later and press delete.

7. You can now delete the top layer and you have rounded corners on the original.

You may need to feather the edges for a smooth finish.

This might sound a bit complicated, but once you get used to it it's quite handy.

Hope this helps.




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