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Can anybody make a plugin like a flag displacer?

Guest sofa_king_great

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Guest sofa_king_great

okay hi. b4 i downloaded paint.net, i was looking for something that could make decent 3d flags. i came across http://www.dphotojournal.com/photoshop-tutorial-displacement-maps/ it seemed to be possible to make on paint.net eventhough it was a tut for photoshop except when it came to displacing the flag at the end. can some1 please make a plugin that would allow u to do this??? :D

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EDIT: Your topic title: what type of plugin are you looking for? The Rules dictate that your title must be descriptive so people know what you want immediately. Also, there was no need to prolong your 'please', we know you want help :wink:

Wow, nice tutorial, I might try that. To the point, try the Jitter plugin by pyrochild. Have a play around with all the sliders and you can get some funky results, bear in mind though that the results will not be smooth, however, this was the nearest I could get to the desired effect; doesn't mean no one else couldn't find one further.

The closest I got was a Distance of 2, Width of 10-25 (depends how much you want) and just play around with the Seed.

Hope this helps :D.

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uH, what he is looking for is something that displaces each pixel in the active selection based on the brightness value of the respective coords in the displace map source data (usually imported).

I'm sure there is a better description of that effect's function out there...looking:)




http://video.about.com/graphicssoft/TEX ... TOSHOP.htm


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