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Does your program have this feature?

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I have been wracking my brains and searching all kinds of websites just to find out how to remedy this one stupid problem. I am a DJ and I design all my own web graphics, along with all my own physical fliers to hand out for promoting. I have a small problem with them at the moment.

Here's the deal.. I use Jasc Paintshop Pro to make all the graphics, then I insert them into Microsoft Office Word '07. I don't really have any type on the page itself, it's mostly just all the graphics I make. Now, it's great for when I need to print the physical papers and all, but I need to be able to somehow save the file as an image so I can UL to a website so I can post it on my MySpace site. The problem I'm having is I can't get a screen shot of the whole document. I have tried ALT + PRT SC to get the screen shot, and I go to Microsoft Paint, and also my PSP to paste it.. but all I get is a small shot of a nothing but white!!! I don't know what else to do.. so now I'm trying to find a freeware program that can convert the .doc file into an image file so i can get this done. I have two shows coming up this weekend that I need to advertise!!!!

PLEASE HELP!! :evil:

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