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Need Help - Digital Face Transplant

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Hi my name is Jeniffer I am from California.. I just downloaded Paint.net yesterday and I need some help with Combining a face from one picture and putting on someone elses body in a different pic.. I have no idea how to do it... I want it to look like my face in on another persons body.. I hope you know what I mean? Please help me...??? Thanks

I am a huge ELvis fan and want to put some pics of Elvis & I together .. But I need to replaces the faces with my faces...

TCB & TLC Elvis Rocks!!!!

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Welcome fellow Californian :)

1. You will need to find a pic of yourself, facing the same angle as the person's face you wanna replace.

2. Cut out your face. I would use :LassoTool: Lasso Select.

3. Copy your face and paste it to a new layer on the pic you wanna add your face to.

4. Use :MoveTool: to move your face into the right spot.

Hold right mouse button allows you to rotate your face.

5. Use feather on the layer where you face is. (Set at shrink)

6. Adjust color and other stuff to match your face to the pic. If it looks good now, flatten the layers.

Done :)

Hope that helps.

Let me know.


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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