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Another new user -- need help using text after pasting

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Hi all --

I have browsed the forums and the website help, but can't find anything that discusses this.

After I paste an image and try to use the text tool, I don't see the words I type. Meaning: I paste an image, move it to where I would like it. Then I choose the text tool, and click where I would like the text to go. I choose the color I would like (black and the background of the image is white) and try to type. The cursor moves along as if I was typing, but no letters show up.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong??

Thank you!

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I don't believe so...?

I simply Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) to copy (or cut) a section out of the image I am working with. Then I Ctrl+V to paste the section and then move it to where I would like it to go.

After that I hit the text button and the situation I described above happens...?

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