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poligonal selection

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Would it be possible to toggle between, Default Selecting, addition and subtraction type of selection.

On a similar note:

When you switch between the selection methods, how difficult would it be to change the cursor to reflect the selection type? e.g.:A little plus sign when holding [CRTL], etc. I don't know though, what with right-click being subtraction...

I use several different graphics programs (PS in class, GIMP/Paint.NET/Artweaver at home), and they all have their different takes on what key toggles what method, so I often rely on the cursor to tell me what I'm doing. I know the status message tells you, but once you click, it changes to the coordinates, 'n such. Perhaps, if cursor swapping is out, you could have it re-display the key-toggles in the status bar when the Rectangle Selection tool button is clicked, regardless of whether or not it is already the chosen tool?

I don't know. Just some things to consider for down the road,


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