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Channel Mixer Greyscale

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Either you were messing with me or the download was bad, I checked the dll it was a 0 byte file, re-downloaded it, it works now.

Would be nice if this would go in the adjustments menu.


"Advanced Greyscale", is the name it's under.
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Wow. I was going to suggest this, but you somehow hacked into my computer, accessed my Google notepad notes, and created it before I can finish getting screenshots to post in the never-was topic.


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Really Great! Thanks a million!!! This will contribute greatly to my work. Just two questions / suggestions:

- does your filter support 16 bit per color channel source images?

- In comparison to other channel mixers, yours does somehow keep the luminosity constant. Would you consider to add a mode to lock OR not to lock the luminosity when changing one color? Similar to http://www.simpelfilter.de/bildbearbeit ... mixer.html - this one has the option to lock the total value of all colors to 100%, that can be disabled, so when you slide one value, the other two adapt automatically.

- With big pictures, the preview is relatively slow. An option to preview just a portion of the image would help.

thanks! Urs

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