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Adding borders (or beveled edges)?

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Hi... I'm new to Paint.NET. Great program, but I could not find any way to search/index the help pages.

I tried searching the forum, but the relevant topics assumed I knew how to do certain steps, which I do not.

I have a simple requirement (I think). I have a picture, and I'd like to either add a border to it, or change its edge pixels to become a border. Perhaps like a 3D-ish effect. Perhaps with a drop shadow. Is there a way to "bevel" the edge?

Is there a tool or plugin to do this? It seems like such a common thing, I must be missing something.

The closest I got was increasing the canvas size, while leaving the image centered.

Thank you!

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Just a note, there is an easier way to do the steps outlined in the 4th tutorial. It involves using just the square(or any of the others) gradient and the alpha mask plugin.

I'll add the alternate steps to that tutorial later.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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