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.NET Framework 3.0

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This release is still in the planning stages. We are hoping to include a metadata editor, the ability to draw arrows with the Line/Curve tool, the ability so save and load presets for some adjustments (such as Curves), and improvements for developers who want to write Effect plugins with user interfaces. This release will also make use of and require .NET Framework 3.0.

I just noticed this on the Paint.NET v3.20 Roadmap page. I'm curious... What new features of .NET Framework 3.0 will you be taking advantage of?

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I'm not sure but it seems like Windows Imaging Component (the thing Rick said HD-Photo support is built on) is part of .NET 3.0 .

Maybe some fancy interface work with Windows Presentation Foundation, or a easiest (on Rick side) update system with Windows Communication Foundation, but i think he doesn't see this as a priority.

Correct me if i'm wrong!

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