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Text Tool Problem

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Whenever I use the text tool in 2.5 Beta 3 it seems to type without antialising (not sure how to spell it) but clearly the button is selected. Is it just me? How can I fix it? This hapens with any font and just started with beta 3.

Just found out: This only happens when using a font 12 points or smaller. Anything above that looks great. But still is a problem.

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This was actually by design, but it seems that there's really no benefit to doing it this way so I've changed it for the Beta 4 release.

The reason it was designed this way is that often people want to take a screenshot of a dialog box and then type new text on top of it in order to prototype a new UI design. Having the Text Tool in Paint.NET render text in the same way as Windows was seen as a benefit. In fact, I had to add a special flag in order to disable this behavior. But anyway, there's really no benefit to using this behavior because you can just turn off AA when you need it to look that way!

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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