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Tool cursors in HighDPI

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Most of the Paint.NET UI is fine in HighDPI (I'm using 250% to get a simulare size than 100% on 96dpi screen).

It's not a big deal that some icons are much too small. If you know them then the size doesn't matter too much.


But tool cursors like the cross-hair for paint brush are so small that sometimes I really have no idea where the cursor is on the screen. So I have to move the mouse to a corner to get a defined starting position and then move it back slowly to keep it focused.


So if HighDPI users could get an update which just fixes this issue then this would be great.



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Seconded. I've always had a hard time seeing the cursor "in the grey" (area between window chrome and image). Now with a high DPI display, it's invisible...I'm sure not literally, but to me it is. The tool cursors are likewise so tiny as to make them REALLY difficult to follow.


So, yes, please. If it's even approaching trivial, a High DPI update would be much appreciated. And if you could add an option to disable custom cursors altogether and just use the default pointer, I'd be giddy.



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