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Need someone to teach me about this kind of picture

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These tutorials show you how to blend two images together. You can use the same techniques with a plain white filled layer and with a single picture on it's own layer.

Beginner Image Merging

Fading / Blending: Gradient tool on a Camaro picture


I also have made a tutorial on gradient blending. Here are some steps from it that might help you. (if you want to see the full tutorial, you can find it here.)

Choose the Gradient Tool, make sure it's set to “Linear”, and change the tool's mode from “Color Mode” to “Transparency Mode”. It is also recommend that your primary and secondary colors be black and white (the default colors).


Be sure you're on the correct layer, then...
1. Click in the center of your object,
2. Drag your mouse in the direction you want your object to be faded.
One side of the gradient will erase/fade your object, while the other side will be solid.
Tips - Holding shift while you draw your gradient will keep it straight. Right clicking on a nub will swap the faded side of the gradient with the solid side, so if you happen to get your fade backwards, don't worry, just right click on a nub.


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another question is how to erase 45 degree


1) Use the Selection tool ( :RectangleSelectTool:)  to make a selection

2) Use the Move Selection tool ( :MoveSelectionTool:) to rotate the selection 45 degrees

3) Use the Delete button on your keyboard to delete the selection

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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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