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Copy paste text to multiple jpeg's

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I really do not know what to do here I cant find the answer on the web its probably something very simple.


I'm designing some greeting cards 20 in total and I want to put the same text on the back. As in my name, copyright symbol etc


How do I copy and paste the same text on to each new jpeg file?



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Hello MM77MM, welcome to the forum,

I would do it this way:
1. Create a new transparent layer. :AddNewLayer:
2. Delete the default (opaque white) background layer.
3. Put your text   :TextTool:  on the transparent layer - or seperate new layers for each peice of text - easier to move them around that way.
4. When happy with the layout merge these down to one (object) layer and save as a .PNG file type.
(Use .png because it saves transparency).
5. Open your jpeg file and go to layers/import from file and put your saved text where you want it.
6. Merge to one layer.
7. Save as jpeg (use a different name than that of the original jpeg!). Better still, save as .png (lossless) and .pdn(so you can alter later).
8. You can repeat from 5. on each card.

If you have an image on the front of the card you may need to use Canvas resize to make room for the reverse side with the text.
Make sure you are working at 300+ d.p.i if intending to print.
I hope that helps.


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