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Trimming Out Similar Lines

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Hi, guys.


I was hoping you could help me with finding a quick technique or an effect that helps with taking out duplicate lines in an image.


When it comes to pixel art, there are times when a sprite graphic has been resized using the nearest neighbor technique. The resize may not have been perfect, either, as it may have been stretched or squeezed out of proper proportion and overlooked later on without it being possible to undo anymore.


This may seem impractical, but I wonder if it's possible to scan the entire image horizontally and vertically for any similar lines, one after another. If there is, all the similar lines are deleted down to one unique line, which will safely look like resizing the sprite back to it's perfect size in dimensions.


This would be like the same technique as "seam carving", except we're doing it by lines and not by pixels, and are not tolerating any close but not exactly similar content.


Before: ezimba12633723383500.png

After: ezimba12633752213200.png


Finding and shrinking similar lines to one... horizontally, then vertically.



Hope this clears up what I'm asking for.



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