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Magic wand, deleting pixels, doesn't seem to save correctly.

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I've been away from Paint.net for a few months, and I've just installed the very latest version .. 4.0.4? So I have a game-sprite and I'm trying to delete all of the transparent areas around the edge. Easy enough, in the past I'd just select the area with magic wand, hit delete and it would clear the area, leaving the chequer-board pattern behind. It still does that, but when I save the image and load it in to my editor, the transparency has gone. If I cut and paste it into my editor, the same happens. Also, when I shut down Paint.net and reload the image, again the transparency has gone and I have the white edges again.


Presumably, this is a change in the newer versions. What I am doing wrong?

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Are you sure you're saving the file in a file format that preserves the transparency? Those formats include PNG and GIF.

If you are using one of those formats, be sure to select the proper bit depth (32 or auto).

More help here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12189-how-to-save-your-images-under-different-file-types/

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