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Paint.net Copyright Help

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I would say that you would have to look at the sites the texts came from for that info. I would also say that all texts are probably copyrighted. Most are free to use for personal or business use but some are not and carry restrictions. Again that info would be at the site you downloaded it from.  There also could be a copy of the use policy in the zip folder the texts came in or the folder your texts are in, some do and some don't.  Oh and they would be called fonts.   ;)

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If you are talking about the text that you use in paint.net with the Text tool,
All text (font) in paint.net is exactly what you already have installed on your computer. Paint.net does not come with font, but rather it accesses your computer's font and gives you that as your font choices. To know if any of your fonts are copyrighted you would need to explore your computer's font folders.

If you are talking about the fonts used in paint.net's user interface, then unfortunately I don't know what that font is so I can't offer an answer on that.

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