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help with mask image

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hi, well I have a tiff image of the isle of wight.


im making a mask for a game.....I have the sea yellow, and the landmass green. but.......


all around the coast I have a blend of the 2 colours which I don't want.


I know I can use the pencil and colour at a pixel level but that will take me eons!


is there a quick way to only have these 2 primary colours?


any help appreciated,


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Hello jimbop, welcome to the forum.

You can try my 'Two Tone Threshold' plugin here.


Set your Primary and Secondary Colors to yellow and green (use the eye dropper tool to get the exact shade).
Then move the sliders closer together.(see third picture on linked page)

I hope that is what you meant - good luck!


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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