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How do I deselect a tool and get my pointer back?

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I am a first-time user, having just downloaded paint.net 4.0.3.  I am trying to get up to speed by watching Youtube tutorials and reading what I can, but sometimes I can't follow the tutorials because they are for older versions and appear to have features/solutions that my version doesn't have.  I will be posting multiple questions about the problems I am encountering, since my reading of the forum rules leads me to understand that asking multiple questions in a single topic is verboten.


Question 2:


When I select and use a tool (such as the bucket, for example), I am unable to get rid of the bucket and have a regular pointer again.  The only solution I have found is to exot the program and restart, but that obviously isn't a viable solution. 


How do I deslect a tool, or any other pointer ffunction, and just get back my pointer?



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Actually, ctrl + D are the official shortcut keys for deselecting. Enter is the shortcut key to commit actions.
Now, about the Paint.NET cursor.
When you hover over the canvas the cursor will automatically show the icon of which ever tool you have chosen. When you hover over the mini windows of paint.net, the menu bar, or the status bar, the cursor should automatically change to the average pointer icon.

However, perhaps what you are looking for is the “Paintbrush tool” :PaintBrushTool: . Often the "Paintbrush tool" is the most basic looking, and it's normally the default tool. When you very first opened Paint.NET, that might have been the tool you had started with, and so that might be the tool you want to return to.
Or, perhaps the tool you started with is the color picker tool :ColorPickerTool: , I'm not sure why, but some how when I updated to one of the Paint.NET 4.0 versions, that tool became set as my default tool. Which, for me, was unusual, so by going into settings I've changed that.
To change your Paint.NET's defaults, look in the top right corner of paint.net and click this icon :Settings:.

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