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Text Selection Bug

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I think I have found a bug, either with the Magic Wand or the Text Tool or both, I`m not sure.

I was starting a text image at the time. Here are the steps I took -  

To begin with on the background layer I used the Paint Bucket to colour it DBDBDB  - a light grey. I then added a new layer and on this I wrote my text in colour 6D6D6D - a slightly darker grey - using the Corpulant Caps BRK font , size 200.


The next thing I wanted to do was select each individual letter and move it slightly on the image to get a more random look. So , using the magic wand I selected the first one and moved it. But when I had deselected it the outline of the letter was still showing in the place it used to be. I tried this with a couple of others and the same thing happened each time. I have taken a screenshot of the image and posted it below. Hopefully you will be able to see what I am referring to. You get a better view with the image full size.




Whether this is a problem with the text tool or just the Magic Wand I do not know but I thought I would mention it anyway.



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