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Can Magic Wand Live Adjustment of Hardness be disabled?

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I use the magic wand tool quite often to select sections of my images to edit.  I have found it quite effective to select large portions of a discontinuous region with a low Hardness level (using CTRL to make them additive), then increase the hardness to select other portions that, if I selected them with the current hardness, would over-select portions of the image.


I can see that the addition of the live adjustment feature for Magic Wand will help me in many other instances, but in the one described above, it prevents me from using additive select and changing the Hardness. 


Is there a way to at least temporarily disable this new feature so that I can multi-select as I have in the past?  If not, any suggestions for how to accomplish the same result with the new tool set would be appreciated.


I did try to lower the hardness and multiselect (with CTRL) over and over again to get the same result, but it was a lot more work and the result I achieved was not as clean as before.


In case I have 'misnamed' the updated feature, what I am referring to is turning on the Magic Wand at a given hardness, then selecting some portion of an image, and then, while the selection is still active, changing the hardness.  In older versions, the currently selected portions of the image would not change. Now, the selected region dynamically updates 'as if it had been originally selected at the new hardness level'.  Really cool, but, as mentioned, it hinders something I do a lot.

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You can't disable the live adjustment, but you can use Enter or Escape as a shortcut for the Finish button in the toolbar. Thus, your workflow would be to click, Enter/Esc, click, Enter/Esc, repeat.

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