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Pan tool 'goto' extensions

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I'm missing sometimes some 'goto' commands.


Maybe the pan tool would be a good place to add them in the toolbar.

Natural 'goto' locations would be the 9 alignment locations from top/left to bottom/right.

So you could press H to switch to the pan tool and then choose a location.

(maybe with return to the previous tool)



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When the pan tool is active, I would like to see the following keys work:

Ctrl-Home: Move view to upper left

Ctrl-Up arrow: Move to top edge

Ctrl-Down arrow: Move to bottom edge

Ctrl-Left arrow: Move to left edge (and also for the Home key)

Ctrl-Right arrow: Move to right edge (and also for the End key)

PgUp: move up one screen length

PgDn: move down one screen length

Ctrl-End: Move view to bottom right

Ctrl-0: Move view to center (or maybe Ctrl-Enter?)

Arrows: Move the view around a small amount at a time

Currently, these keys don't actually do anything that I could see.

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OK keyboard shortcuts would be an additional extension. I would go for:


Absolut positioning of the image in the canvas (to the alignment points)


Control-Home               Control-Shift-Up          Control-Shift-End

Control-Shift-Left          Control-Period            Control-Shift-Right

Control-Shift-Home       Control-Shift-Down     Control-End


Relative positioning of the image in the canvas (linewise, pagewise)




Control-Shift-PageUp   Control-Left                           Control-Right   Control-Shift-PageDown





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