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Deselecting elements of a selected area

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Hi Everyone. 


I was wondering if anyone could advise if it is possible to deselect select elements of  an area that has already been selected?


In other words, lets say I use the magic wand to select the sky in the picture of a sunset while the mountains and the rest of the foreground remain unselecte. If the sun is included in the selection if the sky, is there any way for me to exclude the sun from the area I've selected?


(p.s. this example is used only to illustrate the concept by example. I know there would be other ways to achieve this goal, e.g. selecting the sun independently of the sky and copy pasting to another layer...etc.)


Furthermore, is it possible to add negative space as a color, or to fill an area with negative space using the Paint Bucket?


Thanks very much...



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Yup. You can set the selection mode in the toolbar: Replace (default), Add (union), Subtract, Intersect, and Invert ("xor").


Or you can hold Alt while clicking or click-dragging, which temporarily sets it to Subtract. Holding Ctrl does Add. 

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