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I need help WIth Paint.Net any one with patience Please help

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:( I dont know Anything about graphics Being that I actually like the Different arts Ive seen on myspace and other websites...So i came accross a couple of Programs for Graphics...Obviously I chose Paint.Net ....Ive found it difficult to do anything on here...I dont know where to store the plug ins that many of u have shared...I honestly dont know how to do ANYTHING and thats sad :( So if any one could be kind enough to give me the Link to the Begginers Forum or would honestly like to help me PM or Contact me on AIM Sezynena69 :roll:

Thanks 4 Taking the time to read this over...Nena :?

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Are you using IE of Firefox?

Fire fox is going to be a little different and it depends on what you have set up for your options in that Browser.

The good news is the file is going to be wherever you saved it on your system. If you selected to have it save the file to C:>Program Files> Paint.NET>Effects, then thats where its gonna be. Just find the plugin file on your system and continue with the rest of the steps...


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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Well, which plugin did you download?

The one that BoltBait references in the tutorial is a .dll file.

Most of the other publishers compress the plugins in .zip files.

If it was one of the plugins that was zipped you would first need to unpackage the file's contents.

*NOTE* You also want to make sure that you closed out of PDN and then reopened it after you loaded the .dll file into the correct location...


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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