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IndirectUI: Using TAB key in Radiobuttons group


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n 3.5.1 you can TAB-in and -out in a static list of radio buttons.


In 4.0 TAB-in selects always the first entry of the group. Following TABs select the following group entries.

But TAB should not change the selected entry of the group. Maybe all group elements are marked in 4.0 as a new group.


You may test this behaviour with the ExamplePropertyBasedEffect in Developer's Central (which contains all available IndirectUI controls).

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Seems to be a general issue regarding Radiobuttons because the 'Resize' and 'Canvas Size' dialog has the same difference between 3.5.11 and 4.0. There it is a little bit more complex because the radio buttons are enabling/disabling other controls.

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