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Is there a way to draw with the keyboard only ?

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Sorry if this question has been asked before. 


I have been started using paint net recently, and to be honest,I am really bad with my mouse. As I use paint net to create drawing, I quite want the drawing to be at exact place, EG, I want to draw a line, with start at (0,0) and end exactly at (50,50).


How can I do that ? I find using mouse to be super hard, because I mostly can't place my mouse at those exalt position, and always, spend times to draw useless thing. 


So, how do I do that ? Thanks a lot.

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Try zooming in with the slider or CTRL + Mouse wheel - the more zoomed in the better the mouse resolution. Once you are zoomed in you can use the Mouse Wheel and Shift+Mouse Wheel to pan around the image (alternative panning method is the sliders on the bottom and side, but not as cool).


You also decrease the mouse sensitivity in the control panel but accuracy usually has to do with visual acuity. When I'm soldering electronics, doubling up on my reading glasses steadies my hand 300%.

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Hello. :)


When you click with your mouse button, keep it held down, then at the same time hit the arrow keys on your keyboard. I don't know if this will do what you want, but it does draw by using the keyboard.

Also, have you tried drawing with the line/curve tool? (if you are using paint.net 4.0 the curve tools are part of the shapes tool).

* When you draw with the line/curve tool, you can hold a click down on a nod and move the nod by hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard (which is good when you want to move things pixel by pixel for that perfect alignment). This works for the nods with the move selection tool and move selected pixels tool too, and generally anything with nods.

* And for the line/curve tool, when you draw your line while holding shift, it keeps the line straight.

* When rotating objects, holding shift also helps rotate objects at locked degrees.

* Like-wise, for shapes, holding shift while sizing the shapes maintains their aspect ratio.


And as TR suggested, zooming in does help as well.


There are also rulers and a pixel grid in paint.net, see here for more info : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ViewMenu.html


I hope this wasn't too confusing for you. More or less, play around with clicking and holding down the mouse button + hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard. And play around with holding shift when drawing with the line/curve tool, shapes, or adjusting selections.


If you need pictures let me know.

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"drawing with the keyboard only" is a kind of programming.


There are several ways to do it in Paint.NET.

One is to use the "Postscript Renderer" plugin to render postscript commands to the surface.

Here is a short script you may enter into the editor:


2 setlinewidth
1 0 0 setrgbcolor
0 0 moveto
50 50 lineto


This draws a 2 pixel wide red line from 0,0 to 50,50.

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