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Recommendations for backgrounds

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I'm making a few images for an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper that will be cut up into several playing-card sized pieces of paper.


I've finished the illustrations, and would now like to add a background that, unmodified, covers the entire page.  For one sheet, I'd like something like an old parchment, to give the playing cards the impression of age or like an old treasure map.  For the other, I'd like a light grey cobblestone pattern, something like the floor of an old castle.  I don't want to paste in a small tile, and stretch it (would look weird) or tile it across the page (I'd never get the cuts to line up with the tiles properly!)


I've not had too much luck with google, and I suspect I don't know the technical/professional terms for this sort of thing to search on.  Any recommendations for free sites that have backgrounds or websites to help with this sort of thing?


Thanks in advance.

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