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How to connect my scanner to paint.net

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Ok I see and can relate.  :D     If you are trying to take a picture right from the scanner and bring it into Paint.net and there is no option to do that in Paint.net then try this. First save the picture from your scanner to your computer by using the "Save As" option on the image when right clicking it and save it to a folder of your choice in "My Pictures" . It is a good idea to have a neat and orderly filing system when saving any files to your computer,think of it as a filing cabinet full of marked folders. Then once you have it saved to your computer you can go to the image thumbnail (small image in the folder),right click on it and choose "Open with Paint.net"  or if you already have Paint.net open you can go to the image thumbnail and drag it over to Paint.net and choose "Add as Another Layer" when the option box pops up.  I hope this helps and will be happy to answer more questions if I can or steer you in the right direction.   :)



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Hello Skullbonz

Thank you for your reply, excellent,

I found with just a few photo to scan, it worked best for me to have them on the desktop.

Following your instructions on just how to do this worked a treat

Your offer of help is much appreciated and no doubt I will need  it again.

Thank you




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