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Dragging of Antialiased selections


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Great that we got antialiased selections, there is just one thing I'm missing in the current implementation.


If you are working zoomed in, you should be allowed to drag the selection on view-pixel/sub-pixel base. In the moment it's document-pixel based. I'm not sure if the setting of the drawing tools antialiased switch should control this behaviour.


The shape tools and brushes are working sub-pixel based already (if draw-antialiasing is enabled). Means the coloring of the pixels depends where inside of a pixel you are starting the tool.



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I considered having this ability in 4.0 but I cut it due to ... well, time. I want to ship this thing before forever.


There's definitely room for there to be an "enable/disable pixel snapping" toggle button in the future. For now I just felt it was way more important to get the pixel snapping "enabled" story 100% correct, as that's what most people need most of the time.

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Sure. This rounding stuff is not as easy to implement as it sounds. Disabled snapping should be easier later on.


In addition this modification may also impact cursorposition and selection (showing fractions of pixels) which may confuse users.


All the work just because the low rez screens out there...

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