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Starting a new project / file...

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I mention dyslexia a lot because people tend not to understand why I may not be able to grasp something that's simple to most people.  :(


I donno why this happened but I opened a NEW file and the size came up really wierd.


Rather then going into all the details of what may be going on, could somebody maybe give me some numbers to enter for resolution and canvas size and stuff for what I'm trying to create?  I'm designing a logo for a friend who has her own company.  I just can't seem to grasp all the details having to do with rez, canvas size, pixels, inches etc., etc., etc. ...  I can create good art but I have problems with almost everything else.  :(


Pretty yucky, hah?!  :(


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When you open a new file, the default dimensions are 800x600 pixels. However, if you have an image in your clipboard (you copied/cut something earlier so you could paste it elsewhere), paint.net will automatically fill in the dimensions to match what's saved in the clipboard.

For designing a logo, I would use a vector editor program like inkscape instead. However, if you'd rather use paint.net, start with a large image (at least 2000x2000 pixels). Don't worry about the rest for now.

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