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Plugin Globalization

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Ok, now i made my first plugin with buildin english language an created a resource for german translation.

Now the problem i'm facing is, the CurrentUICulture is inconsistent between callbacks.


While in the Constructor, OnCreatePropertyCollection & OnCreateConfigUI, the CurrentUICulture is set as the language i selected in PDN, in the OnSetRenderInfo, the CurrentUICulture is set to my operating system settings.


The consequences with an example:

  • The plugin has:
    • Buildin english language.
    • External resource dll for german language.
  • Operating system regional settings: German
  • PDN Language settings: English
  • The problem:
    • The constructor uses Properties.Resources with the CurrentUICulure set by PDN(English in this case, resource lookups will choose buildin resources which are in enlgish)
    • In OnCreatePropertyCollection properties are created with the names from Properties.Resources.
    • In OnCreateConfigUI, everything is fine since the CurrentUICulture is still the one set by PDN.
    • In OnSetRenderInfo i want to retrive the properties created in OnCreatePropertyCollection. But for this thread, the CurrentUICulture is set to my operating system regional settings(in this case german). This leads me to a NullPointerException, because the PropertyCollection which is passed to OnSetRenderInfo was created with names in english language, and now i try to retrive the properties by german name which do not exist.

Workaround: Set the Culture of your resource to System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture in your effect plugin constructor.

Fix: PDN must set the CurrentUICulture of the curren thread to it's own setting.

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