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  1. Updated: Rotate texture at center now.Fixed compatibility issues with PDN 4 Beta.
  2. I'm sorry but i don't think this will fit inside this plugin.
  3. Updated. * Revamped the user interface. A screenshot is included in the first post(i couldn't figure out how to use buildin controls in custom effect dialogs, so i wrote my own angle and color picker.) + Added box for custom dash style. + Added compositing mode. + Added color lists for linear and path gradient. + Added gamma correction to linear gradient brush. + Added a simple texture filling mode.
  4. Yeah, i noticed it on the chanagelog of the PDN 4 alpha update, thanks. As soon as PDN 4 is final i guess there is no reason anymore to apply the workaround.
  5. Updated: Improved handling of pixels with an alpha value of 0.
  6. Updated: Now it should work on PDN 3 also. The contents of the zip archive go directly into the Effects folder.
  7. The contents of the archive directly into the effects folder. Effects/de/DirectionalBlur.resources.dll Effects/DirectionalBlur.dll Effects/DirectionalBlur.pdb When the .PDB file is included, and an exception is thrown out of my code, the error dialog box will show proper souce file and source line which can be reported.
  8. Update: Now this plugin is much more advanced, but sadly only runs on PDN 4 now(the old version is still available). The reaon is the included GPC wrapper GpcDotNet. It's written in C++/CLI targeting .NET 3.5, but it automatically links to a version of mscorlib.dll which the .NET linker don't like when linking the plugin targeting .NET 3.5, so i had to switch the plugin to target .NET 4.0 and it linked. Make sure to check out the video on youtube @ 1080p.
  9. Updated: ConfigUi now features a color picker and an anti-aliasing switch. Now using GDI+ graphics to draw. @BoltBait I didn't mean to offend you. I knew about your plugin before, but i was not so happy with the performance. My implementation with a contour strength of 100 renders in under a second with anti aliasing on a 800x600 image. Your implementation with a strength of 10 renders in around 4 seconds on a 800x600 image.
  10. Hello, this is my second plugin for PDN. Hidden Content: Description This plugin applies an inner contour to any selected area on the layer with the primary selected color.Look at the picture and the video below to see what this plugin can do. Hidden Content: License Copyright © 2014 Christian Buck https://github.com/HorridoJoho/PaintDotNetPlugins This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Paint.NET is an image editing software. The original Paint.NET software can be found at http://www.getpaint.net/. The license and copyright holders can be found at http://www.getpaint.net/license.html. 1. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software in any environment, including but not necessarily limited to: personal, academic, commercial, government, business, non-profit, and for-profit, but only together with the original Paint.NET software. 2. Permission is granted to anyone to alter the sourcecode of this software and redistribute the sourcecode of this software, altered and unaltered, for free. "Free" in the preceding sentence means that there is no cost or charge associated with getting the sourcecode of this software. 3. Permission to distribute binary forms of this software, altered and unaltered, is only granted to the copyright holders of Paint.NET. 4. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution. Hidden Content: Globalization Fallback Language: English GlobalizationsGerman (Deutsch) Sourcecode on github: https://github.com/HorridoJoho/PaintDotNetPlugins The contents of the attached zip file go directly into the Effects folder. No more different archives for 32 & 64 bit, the one zip file should work for 32 & 64 bit. The following is a video demonstrating the plugin(Watch on youtube @ 1080p): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWiy2wbHSu4 After the last changes the user interface looka like this, but functionallity is basically the same. SelectionInnerContour_master_47902c242a24f7d80c901a56bc659df55cf46759.zip
  11. Updated: Added license. Added link to sourcecode repository on github.
  12. Updated: Fixed a bug where the wrong ui culture was used in OnSetRenderInfo which led to a NullPointerException. Included .pdb to get meaningfull output when the plugin crashes.
  13. Ok, now i made my first plugin with buildin english language an created a resource for german translation. Now the problem i'm facing is, the CurrentUICulture is inconsistent between callbacks. While in the Constructor, OnCreatePropertyCollection & OnCreateConfigUI, the CurrentUICulture is set as the language i selected in PDN, in the OnSetRenderInfo, the CurrentUICulture is set to my operating system settings. The consequences with an example: The plugin has:Buildin english language. External resource dll for german language. Operating system regional settings: German PDN Language settings: English The problem:The constructor uses Properties.Resources with the CurrentUICulure set by PDN(English in this case, resource lookups will choose buildin resources which are in enlgish) In OnCreatePropertyCollection properties are created with the names from Properties.Resources. In OnCreateConfigUI, everything is fine since the CurrentUICulture is still the one set by PDN. In OnSetRenderInfo i want to retrive the properties created in OnCreatePropertyCollection. But for this thread, the CurrentUICulture is set to my operating system regional settings(in this case german). This leads me to a NullPointerException, because the PropertyCollection which is passed to OnSetRenderInfo was created with names in english language, and now i try to retrive the properties by german name which do not exist. Workaround: Set the Culture of your resource to System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture in your effect plugin constructor. Fix: PDN must set the CurrentUICulture of the curren thread to it's own setting.
  14. Upated: Reduced the amount of blur controls to 4. Removed hardcoded angle offset. Added an angle offset control to the config ui.
  15. Update: Now the plugin is shown under the "Blur" submenu.
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