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Is this type of text design possible in Paint.NET?

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Hi folks,


I'm not sure what this type of graphic is called so wasn't really sure what to search for - but just wondering if it is possible to create the following type of text design in paint.net?




If this is possible, could someone be kind enough to provide some steps - noob here.


Really need to do this, not a graphic designer or remotely close, so would appreciate all the help!



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That's easy!

It even gives you instructions in that link, though they are tailored to photoshop use.


One of the main differences would be (in this example) to create the question mark above the text on a new layer, after this:

- Select the question mark with the magic wand tool

- Change the layer to the background text layer

- Change the "Hue/Saturation" of the background text layer (to make it black, or your colour of choice)

- Remove or hide the question mark layer.


That'll work for the question mark.

The text is pretty much the same deal, in fact, it's easier, if anything.

You'll want to:

- Start a new layer above the text again, like you did with the question mark layer

- Type/create the text that you'd like to have as a watermark over the image

- On this new layer, with the text that'll be erased in the background, select it, all of it, with the magic wand.

- Change the layer to the background text layer

- Delete selection (Del key)


That should work, if that doesn't work, I can detail instructions better once I finish work later.

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First you need to change layers opacity (for SELL and ? layers). I used 30 for both layers.

For quick selection with Magic Wand click on layer and then press Ctrl+I in layers SELL and question mark.





Settings for Conditional Hue/Saturation for question mark:



For text SELL I used only Hue/Saturation plugin:


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For quick clean result, you need to use Alpha Mask Import plugin:



How to Install Plugins


1-Create your shapes layer and Put it on top:



2-Then the text layer (name it mask):



3-Then last bottom one the background and choose whatever color as desired for this layer:



4-Activate the Mask layer by clicking on it in the Layers Window then Select the Mask layer: Edit>Select All

and copy it to clipboard: Edit>Copy


5-Apply Alpha Mask Import plugin on the "Shapes" layer with these settings:



to get something like this:



Hope this help.






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