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just a suggestion

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-->just needs the line/ curve to become an eraser when using a color of (transparency-alpha==0)


-->needs also lines/curve MODE(more or like the pen tool in PHOTOSHOP) that can put lines anywhere adjust each point to become a line or a curve<---GOOD for a proper outline of the character with a fixed PIXEL size


-->needs also PIXEL size color edit where if i pick a line/curve tool with pixel size of 5 then i can also choose 5  colors for each  of the pixels

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Welcome to the forum, REALITY!

your first suggestion is already an option. In the same toolbar as where you set the line width, you can set the blend mode to "overwrite." This will cause the line color to replace the original color beneath it rather than adding to it.

Not sure why you have random words in caps...

I don't see a reason for the second suggestion when we have the line tool. Make a bunch of lines end-to-end for the same effect. You can also make bezier curves with the line tool which are smoother than the normal curve. Just draw a line and right click and drag a point to switch to bezier mode.

Could you provide an example of what you mean in the third suggestion? I'm not sure I understand what you're saying there.

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#1: pdnnoob is correct; you can use the Overwrite mode to accomplish this effect.


#2: This one has been requested a lot, but isn't in the Popular Feature Requests thread (though it does go along with the request for the Polygonal Lasso tool and better shape support).  A 4.x release could see some new features in that regard.


#3: This seems unlikely.  You're better off drawing your inside line, then using an Outline plugin to apply the other colors sequentially.


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