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Automaticcaly number persons in a picture

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Is it possible to automatically add numbers to faces in a picture?

Next step is to insert the picture in a Word file where I can create a legend which tells which number in the picture is who.

I understand that I need to insert the picture twice in the Word doment, 1: the original without numbers, 2: the numbered version with the legend.


Attached a small example of a possible result.


I am curious if something like this is possible.


Best regards,

Jan Peter


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Hi - nice picture of the family :) This is a Paint software forum and really not for Word document questions, but I think you could get the result you wanted by using Paint.NET for explaining which person in the picture is whom.


1.  upload the picture to Paint.NET

2. new layer, using the text function, number the folks in the picture in small text next to the person.

3. save the file


If you wanted additional information then you could, using smaller text directed under the photo, on another new layer, type the text under the photo.


Then save.


Hope this answered your question :)

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