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You would do it with masking in PS, how in PDN?

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Hello all, I'm Brian!


I have lightly dabbled with most photo/paint programs over the years.  But get frustrated with the UI and ease of use of the programs and don't get very far.  (really pointing finger at PS)  Maybe I just don't have patience for a big learning curve like I used to.  Maybe I've just gotten lazy.  But anyway I've lurked on this site now and then over the years.


I've looked around at the tutorials, FAQ and searched but can't find the answer to my question.


I have an outline I want to fill with a solid color.  But I want the color on a separate layer from the linework.  In PS you would do this with masking.  How do you accomplish it in PDN?



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Simply put it on a new layer 

Once you have made your selection click the  :AddNewLayer: and then fill with a colour or whatever else you want to put in there :)

Layers are in the window called layers :)

There is a tutorial on layers and im sure the link will be posted up rather quickly by a helpful member :)

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Just keep a spare layer you can use as a selection? It's hard to replicate masking in PDN, but the alternative is easy. Just keep a layer unchecked so you can still grab your selection whenever you need it. Its possible to move this layer down to the bottom of your composition, behind your background if needs be. Im not 100% sure that iv answered your question, but that's how i do it.


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