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Noise reduction on B&W tif images - bad "speckling"

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I use paint.net all day long in my career - I have the task of editing age old technical drawings that have been scanned. Some go back 50+ years.


I'm looking for a plug-in on steroids similar to the "Reduce Noise" that is already contained within Paint.net. Some of our drawings are QUITE speckled and the existing command doesn't "despeckle" enough. 


I've looked on the forum and came across "GREYCstoration Wrapper" , which was supposed to have been replaced by the "Reduce Noise" plug-in. Both of those return an error page when I try to view the post. 


So would anyone else have any suggestions for something to despeckle that's a bit stronger? Any help is appreciated. In the bad areas, currently I use the block tool in white and cover them.


Thanks so much!

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Maybe this?




It removes white specks from scanned photographs.


If not, could you show us a sample image with the problem you're trying to solve?

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