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Request: Photo Compare or Difference Plugin

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Hi all,

Is it possible to make a plugin that can compare 2 photos and make a result output?

For example :

1.st photo is 800x600 pixels

2.nd photo is also 800x600 pixels

Results file : 900x600 pixels, 800x600 pixel is the result part , and on the right side100x600 pixel part is a text output with some information. In 800x600 part the modified or changed pixels can be marked with a circle or an arrow or a target pointer. On the right you get all information about 1.st , 2nd and result file, total pixels, changes pixels, percantage etc.

Of course output file can be extended as much as necessary. 1000x600 with configurable text output font , size , colors , marking pointers , etc.

Coding can be easy for advanced users , only pixel by pixel RGB comparision is needed from left top corner pixel and not matching pixel locations can be kept for output and repeated until the last right bottom pixel.


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