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  1. Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I was looking for something like what ImageMagick does. It can make an output with red dots where is changed/modified. Link: BTW , I am not an expert but i use it for almost 2 years and i like Thanks to all team. Regards.
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to make a plugin that can compare 2 photos and make a result output? For example : photo is 800x600 pixels 2.nd photo is also 800x600 pixels Results file : 900x600 pixels, 800x600 pixel is the result part , and on the right side100x600 pixel part is a text output with some information. In 800x600 part the modified or changed pixels can be marked with a circle or an arrow or a target pointer. On the right you get all information about , 2nd and result file, total pixels, changes pixels, percantage etc. Of course output file can be extended as much as necessary. 1000x600 with configurable text output font , size , colors , marking pointers , etc. Coding can be easy for advanced users , only pixel by pixel RGB comparision is needed from left top corner pixel and not matching pixel locations can be kept for output and repeated until the last right bottom pixel. Regards.
  3. Hi Dpy , Thanks for your kind reply. I hope you can implement to change color inside the plugin for the next plugin release. Just main color palatte or input boxes for RGB values can be also fine . Maybe you can make the plugin gui wider instead of making it only to grow vertically. Each text line can have the independent settings next to text input box. For the plugin placement, i have a something to say. Please imagine that you have created 20 boxes or grids on the screen and you want to write simple things over each box (such as numbers or names. When you start to write " 1 2 3 ..... 10 11.....20" in text box , you loose the symmetry and the text does not match the boxes . Only there are 4 ways to adjust 1. You put extra spaces between numbers to make better matching locations for to achieve a better line spacing 2. You change the font size 3. You change pitch but does not help always. It is not lineer or looks like logaritmic and you loose again the matching of the locations. 4. To use fonts which has fixed sizes for all fonts such as "type writer" or "led" fonts ("W" and "I" have size space-size in this kind of fonts) . Please make something in your pluging that line spacing is handled better than "pitch". This is needed for both horizontal and vertical placement of text. And also please make a standalone pluging for placement of text can be defined and can be surrounded like a border (we are familiar from MS Word and Excel , such as "1 thin-1 thick-1 thin" line). This can be usefull cor creating banner with borders. Maybe you can have 5-6 predefined border patterns and also ability for use of some fonts (graphical -drawing- shape based fonts such as webdings) which can enable of making cool and imaginative banners. Thanks for your evertything. Regards.
  4. Thank you for these usefull plugins. Could you please add option to select or change the colors (primary or secondary) inside your Text plugins ? It will be more usefull to change from plugin , than to cancel the apply of plugin and go back to main window and change colors and apply plugin again. I hope you can add this little feature in your next plugin release. In general it is always better to have "color","brush with" etc setting configurable from the plugin window itself. Also there is always need for to write something on the screen in exact X-Y coordinates. Could you please make a plugin for this purpose. As you have the program codes for text plugings, it will be very easy for you to make this simple but usefull plugin. Example : "Hello , This is a test message" on X : 300 , Y : 240 Regards
  5. Thanks for this amazing plugin. I have tested with 2 different photos ( actually 4 in total , 2 background and 2 for blending) , Vivid Light and Stamp blending looks exactly the same. Could you please check if there is a bug? Regards