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Feature Request: "Copy Flattened"

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Most of the images that I work on with paint.net end up getting put into emails, powerpoint presentations, specifications, or other documents.

When I copy/paste images into other documents, paint.net's default copy behavior (copy only from the curent layer) isn't good enough because I need to paste the whole image (all layers) into the destination document.

So I have to do this:

1. Flatten

2. Copy

3. Undo Flatten. Better make sure you remember to do this, otherwise you're hosed!

I assume this operation (copy flattened image) is common for most users, not just me. And I assume I'm not the only user who's lost valuable layer data by forgetting to undo a flattening until it was too late. :-(

It'd be great if paint.net had a function that allowed me to copy the flattened image to the clipboard without having to (destructively) flatten the image first, e.g. "Edit... Copy Flattened".

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