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How to create this effect

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Hi everybody, this is my first post, I didn't find an answer in the forum so I decided to write here.

I need to apply an effect to the text in farsi language (farsi.jpg) so that the final result will be like the file tattoo.jpg I attach too.

Thanks in advance for helping me!!!




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First thing you need to do is remove the white background (I use this plug-in http://forums.getpai...showtopic=15595 Grim Color Reaper)

once installed you will find it under effects> color

open your image and run the above mentioned plug-in, select "White as the colour to remove and leave everything else on default.

Next go to magic wand and select global mode and click on your now checkerboard baground, select Ctrl+I on your keyboard to invert the selection,

cut (Ctrl+X) the black farsi font from the canvas then go to Edit and select paste as new layer. (delete the bottom layer afterwards, you don't need it now ;) )Then run drop shadow plug-in (here http://forums.getpai...?showtopic=8375 ) and using the colour wheel get as close to the colour you want and alter the sliders to your taste.

Remember to save it as a .png file to preserve transparancy. Hope this helps you out :)

Welcome to the forum too.

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You can remove any background by using the magic wand and deleting, try different tolerances, start by parts of the background that have similiar colours, and tolerances around 40% , if the background's colour near the object's colour is almost the same, try using really small tolerances , or erase with a low-sized eraser.

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