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Noob Q: How to remove yellow paper color from old line drawing scans

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Hello there,

Long time user of Paint.net and quite pleased with it. I use the vanilla app and do vanilla things. Lately I have been interested in using some turn of the century public domain line illustrations, but often they are found with yellow backgrounds from the old paper (beautiful but not what I am looking for).

I can knock the blotchy yellow out with levels and such, but I think there is probably a way to remove it instead of washing it out. I see that there are a few plug ins out there that might do the job, but I don't know if they are updated to work with the newest program on a 64 bit Win 7 machine.

If someone would be so kind as to tell me step by step the best method of doing the above, I would be most appreciative. My raster (and vector) skills are very limited. Kindly list the best plugins that work on a 64 bit WIn 7 distro and how to use them best. Sorry for the noob question!


Bonus question: Since some of the drawings are not the best quality, so vectorizing them has potential. I have played around with the trace bitmap tool on Inkscape and it is cool, but is it the best way? Is there a way to clean up a raster image without manually doing cleanup, or a plug in that lets it scale up?

Thanks again!

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Not bad, it worked relatively well. Thanks! I bet there are several ways around this problem, another is to drop the saturation all the way down. After vectorizing this is the result:



It doesn't look too bad, the original before clean up:

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7962461/1%20The%20story%20of%20King%20Frost.jpg (this one was not too yellow)


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