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JPG and need background to be transparent

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I have a JPG which is a black and white line drawing I want to drop this on a collage where the line drawing shows, but the background must be transparent so other things come through. Essentially, I want to turn the color [ or lack thereof] white to be transparent, and black to be black.

I haven't got the foggiest idea how to do this, or if it can be done.

Any thoughts?

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JPG does not support transparency. You will need to use PNG.

Also, this is not a tutorial. You shouldn't post questions in a section clearly marked as "Tutorials Publishing ONLY". I'll move this to General Discussion & Questions for you.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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Since your intent is to put it into a collage, you can use the .jpg. I think Rick mistunderstood. If you used a jpg, erased the white so it became transparent, and then tried to save it again as a jpg, the transparent part would turn white again. In this case however, you can get what you want.

Open your background image

Import your b/w image as another layer (Menus: Layers > Import from File)

Click on the magic wand on the tools pane

Next click on the white area (use the control key if selecting different white areas)

Once all he white has been selected simply press the Delete key on your keyboard

If all is well, on the layers pane, click on the button to merge the image down (or simply save it and PDN will ask if you want to flatten it - respond "Yes'

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