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Paint.NET 4 UI suggestion

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Posted in http://blog.getpaint.net/2012/04/08/new-features-for-paint-net-4-0/



This alternative has the advantage of contiguous UI elements (all menus are together in the same place, ditto with the buttons).

The options/utilities menu (I’m guessing that’s what the cog is) would be redistributed. Check for Updates would be under the Help menu (a la Mozilla, OpenOffice and Adobe products). Manage Fonts would be under the View menu and renamed as View Font Folder. Language would be in Options/Preferences which would be under the Edit menu.

Here’s an idea for fullscreen if that's going to happen in 4.XX:


When you mouse over the transparent part, it becomes opaque. I don’t think the overlapping UI matters because of the Fitts’-Law-friendly image list, so they’re basically infinitely tall anyway (no need to worry about a smaller mouse target for the image list). And we’re already accustomed to transparent UI going opaque when we mouse over it (floating windows).

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