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I am trying to do labels that depict my logo. When I put the logo in the corner, the outer boundry overlaps even though the logo is within the label.

Print preview message says one or more components tresspass printable area. I have only entered the logo. The background on the logo has been removed. Please help.

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From what I can interpret from your description, it sounds like you've placed the logo and then directly went to print it without having deselected the image/layer.

Press Ctrl + D to deselect your item and then try to print it. With the selected area extending out beyond the image, this is probably why you're getting an error.

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Thanks for your quick response Jim. I did try deselecting image, but saving in jpg, BMP and GIF. Still the same when I insert image.

One thing I didn´t mention is that I´m using Pimaco 6082. It´s the only Make opf labels we get in Brazil.


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